danbaldwinWho’s BaldwinTel? 

My name is Dan Baldwin. I’m an independent business communications technology consultant with over 25 years of experience solving problems for business customers large and small. BaldwinTel is part of eBaldwin Management, Inc.

View my résumé at my LinkedIn page.  Learn more at my personal Facebook page.

What I Do

I specialize in analyzing, choosing, brokering and managing voice, data, equipment and other communication technology services, applications and equipment.

I’ve been helping small and medium-sized businesses in the Southern California metro marketplace and beyond choose telecom and technology solutions for their offices since 1990.

If you’re a business owner trying to get your multi-location office phones, computers and critical business applications to all work over a single wide area network, then give me a call at 951-251-5155 or email me at Dan@BaldwinTel.com.

I operate as an “independent consultant”, which means I’m start by recommending a vendor neutral design that can be “shopped out” to multiple vendors. I also specialize in designing and managing multi-vendor solution combinations that enable you to integrate a solution that works best for your business and produces the lowest price. For all practical purposes I act as an extended part of your management team.

After learning about the problems you’re trying to solve I’ll usually say, “There are three different ways to solve your problem and here are the pros and cons of each solution.” I end each independent recommendation with, “While any of the three will work, if I were you, here’s what I would do…”

How I Get Paid

I prefer to get paid directly by my clients – a negotiated monthly management fee equal to a percentage of all the business communications services and vendors that I am managing for you on an ongoing basis.

I’m also open to one-time management fees paid by my clients. My hourly rate starts at $95.

If you prefer the exclusive “broker model”, I can be paid a monthly commission from the service vendors you end up contracting with as a result of my consultations.


Can We Solve Your Problem for Free?    

 Any new prospective client can get a free 45-minute phone consulting session.

During the recorded session, you take 30-minutes to share with me the details of the problem you’re trying to solve. During the last 15-minutes of the call I share with you the “quick resolution” options as well as what I see as your best course or action.

After the call I email you an MP3 recording of the call and summary recommendations that you can share with your fellow decision makers.

More than 50% of prospective clients that use this free 45- minute consulting call actually get all the information or referrals they need to solve their problem and don’t need to contract with us further!

What’s the catch?  If we help solve your problem for free we do ask you to review the quality of our service for the benefit of other prospective clients.

Who’s On My Team  

While I’m the primary person all my clients interact with, my company employs several admin professionals to get all my projects done.  I also work very closely with ATEL Communications out of San Diego. ATEL is a brick and mortar business technology integrator with 35 employees and 30 years of experience.

When I need even more technology solution information I draw upon my 1,500+ professional LinkedIn contacts or my 3,800+ peers at Telecom Association.
How Can I Help You?

I’m not sure yet. Phone 951-251-5155 or email me at Dan@BaldwinTel.com for an appointment to talk. If I can’t help you I’ll certainly refer you to someone who can.