Should You Let Customers Text/SMS Your Toll Free Number?

baldwintel-800Whenever I email my wife or kids I have to then send them a text/SMS (short message service) to tell them to read the email I just sent them.

At first this seemed like an odd requirement but that’s because I sit at my computer all day. My wife and kids are constantly on the move so their lives are run by their ability to send and receive text messages from their phones or tablets.

Are your customers the same way? If so, can your customers text you as easily as they can call you?

Speaking of calling, my kids will not call their friends unless they text them first to get permission to call them.

Are your customers the same way? Is there an expectation that digital communications is preferred for initial contact over a voice phone call?

Depending on your industry you may find that your mobile customers (like my wife and kids) will only do business with firms that can communicate with them via text message.

So where do you start on a project to let your customers text you? Start with your toll free number. Isn’t that the number you publish to let all your customers communicate with you in the first place?

Give your customers a single toll free number to call or text you for customer service so you can let them decide how they want to communicate with you.

Want to experience a working example? Send a test text with any message to 888-286-3000.

This service provider that you get the text back from is ATLC and their “toll free texting” service is called “Textify”. The Textify service allows any business to receive text SMS messages from their customers using the same toll free 800 numbers that their customers already have.


To learn more about Textify watch the following short video.


Is a SMS/Toll Free Texting Solution Right for Your Business?

There’s no doubt that your customers want to communicate with you THEIR way instead of just YOUR way.

To explore if Textify or any similar texting services from other vendors are right for your business, give us a call at 714-525-8100 to set up an exploratory review.


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