Should You Virtualize Your Employee’s Computers To Make Fixing Them Easier?

baldwintel-virtualizeWhen was the last time you pulled big bags of gold out of your company safe so you could count up all your retained business profit from last year?

Probably never, right? Why would you keep business profits in the form of gold bullion on your business property?

And even if last year’s profit was in bullion someplace you probably wouldn’t need to have it physically counted again to make sure none of it disappeared. The amount of your last year’s profit is written as a number someplace that you can look up and see on a computer.

But what if there was only one computer in your business that could give you access to last year’s business profit? And what if all of last year’s profit would instantly and permanently disappear if that one computer was lost or stolen?

A silly question, right? You can easily access your businesses bank balances from almost any computer, tablet or smartphone in a secure manner.

But can you do the same thing for any or all of the rest of y0ur critical business data and applications?

I bet your IT guy wishes you could.


Securely Virtualizing Company Computers Saves You Money Many Ways

How is remotely accessing your firm’s business banking information in the example above any different  from remotely accessing any of your firm’s other information on some sort of virtual computer or secure communications device.

It’s really not. If you can move your firm’s money from one bank account to another using a secure application on a smartphone you should trust that the same thing can be done with all of your firm’s other critical business information and electronic assets.

For a primer on how virtualizing company computers can begin to save your company money, check out the following video produced by Microsoft.

If your company is suffering in the IT support arena then computer virtualization is a hot need that can save you hard cash money  today and deliver soft savings from improved employee productivity in the near future.


Should Your Business Start a Virtualization Trial This Quarter?

Give us a call at 714-525-8100.  In just a 45-minute phone call we can explore where your business is at with regard to IT resources as well as where you need to get to this year in order to achieve your technology delivered business goals.

We can also share with you the success stories our other customers have had when we’ve introduced them to trusted and vetted technology solution partners that we work with like VMware and similar other vendors.


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