baldwintel-vendorsVendors We Know About

There are very few business communications technology vendors in the marketplace today that we do not have direct experience dealing with or at least have a close business associate who has had direct experience with that partner.

Every vendor has their pros and cons. Some vendors are great for one product or service and completely wrong for others. Let us know which vendor solutions you’re thinking about contracting for and we’ll tell you:

  1. If they’re any good at it,
  2. What’s a good price for them, and
  3. Who else you should be considering

We have direct or close indirect experience with the following listed business phone systems, services and data connectivity vendors. Invite us to compare and contrast the pros and cons of each.

Primary Phone Companies:  AT&T, CenturyLink/Qwest, Verizon, Windstream

Alternate Phone Companies: AireSpring, Broadview, Earthlink Business, GLOBALINX, Lightyear, PowerNet Global, TelePacific, TouchTone, Wholesale Carrier Services,

Data Networking Companies: Abovenet, American Telesis, Covad, Transbeam, tw telecom,

Conferencing Phone Companies: A+ Conferencing, Conference Group, GoConference, InterCall, Wholesale Conferencing,

VoIP Business Phone Systems:  Broadview, Megapath, SimpleSignal, Smoothstone, Telesphere, Vocal IP,

Managed Service Vendors:  TeleSource,