Should You Aggregate Multi-Location Broadband Internet Bills Under One Invoice?

baldwintel-aggregateBack “in the day” when there was just one phone company, business owners only had two problems with their single phone bill:

1. Too much money charged for …

2. Marginally useful phone service

Today any business owner can get super low rates for terrific phone or internet service but a new problem has developed:

1. No provider can service all locations

Today’s business owners are faced with the old problem of a single phone & internet provider with high rates and marginal service OR …

Great rates and terrific service but from dozens of different service providers who all bill separately and can’t coordinate with each other.

Not surprisingly most business owners and managers choose to go with multiple providers and hope their internal admin staff can figure out how to manage multiple invoices from multiple vendors for the firm’s multiple locations.


Can’t This be Outsourced to an Expert at a Decent Price? Yes!

Yes Virginia, Santa Claus lives, he serves free lunch and says “You can have your cake and eat it too!” (In other words, broadband service aggregation and invoice management is possible at an affordable outsourced rate.)

Multi-location broadband aggregation started as soon as DSL service become a popular replacement in the late 1990’s for dial-up internet for businesses.

Over time, as DSL has been replaced by 3G/4G/LTE/WiMax, local cable and fiber, experienced internet broadband aggregators that originally specialized in certain regional geographies or services have now grown to be able to handle any service provider anywhere in the USA and beyond.

Watch the following short video to see how one aggregator, Bandwave Systems does business.


Is Broadband Internet Aggregation Right for Your Business?

Probably … if you hook up with the right aggregation management company. Some broadband aggregators specialize in cable companies while others specialize in wireless. Other aggregators specialize in matching vertical markets to required online business applications used in that vertical market.

Maybe you need a software solution that lets you aggregate your broadband invoices and management duties in-house. It might be worth taking a look at.

Give us a call at 714-525-8100 to start a conversations with us about which broadband internet aggregation solution is right for your business – if any.


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Can You Get the AT&T Network at a Low Price with Great Customer Service?

baldwintel-telecureFor the last 23 years I’ve made it my business to explain to business customers why it was a good idea to evaluate other options if they were unhappy with their service from AT&T.

“Would you like to cut your phone bill in half?”

“Would you like to get your customer service from people who know your business?”

“What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you as an AT&T customer?”

These were the only three questions I would ever really have to ask a small or medium-sized business customer that was getting a phone bill directly from AT&T. The stories practically told themselves.

One question I never asked was, “Did you ever have any problems with the AT&T network?”

I never asked this because in 23 years in the business I’ve still not met anyone who could say anything bad about AT&T’s network. It’s great, it works and everyone agrees.

The perception was that only the AT&T enterprise direct customers got any sort of meaningful
discounts or personal customer service. Small and medium-sized business customers just didn’t
seem to get the same level of attention as their enterprise counterparts.


Can Businesses Get a “Generic Brand” of the AT&T Network? Yes!

One of the silent weapons in AT&T’s arsenal is a subsidiary called ACC Business. When ACC was first rolled out by AT&T, more than a decade ago, there were many fits and starts trying to sell a generic version of AT&T’s network to small and medium-sized business customers.

Over the past several years though, ACC, through their independent distribution partners like
BaldwinTel, have perfected the art of delivering near-perfect customer service at a price that
comes close to the best in the marketplace for voice and data solutions as well as wide area
network (WAN) services like MPLS and Ethernet.

What’s ACC’s secret for success? Simply put, it’s their people. Watch the video below to hear
ACC’s President John (J.D.) Baker explain how it’s ACC’s people that deliver exceptional AT&T
network experiences to the small and medium-sized business customers of ACC Business
channel partners like BaldwinTel.

The reason you may have not heard of the “generic version” of AT&T is that ACC Business does
not have a direct sales force or the marketing budget of their parent company – they only market their services through authorized independent agent & channel partner agents like BaldwinTel.


Is it Time for Your Business to Move Back to the AT&T Network?

If you’ve had MPLS or Ethernet technical troubles with second-tier voice and data telecom
providers you should take a look at moving back to the AT&T network.

If you’ve had trouble saving money with other tier-one telecom carriers on your voice, data and WAN (wide area network) services you should consider the tier-one benefits of the AT&T network when priced through the discount structures of ACC Business.

Give us a call at 714-525-8100 so we can share with you some of the success stories that other small and medium-sized business customers have had when going back to the AT&T network through ACC Business.


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